Nagano Flexible Diamond Burr Plate

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Frank’s two-sided folding diamond de-burring plates will allow you to remove the burr on both sides of your blade at the same time.

These 1″ x 1″ plates are mounted on a flexible surface to fit the shape of the blade.

This product is a revolution in the world of speed skating. Nagano Skate’s exclusive diamond-made plates are ultra-efficient. They offer excellent durability and require no maintenance. A simple blow of a dry cloth is enough to clean it.

When choosing your options, note that the higher the number between the parentheses next to the color, the softer the stone will be. The black is therefore rougher and the gold softer.

Black (140) = Blade damaged or waved
Blue (400) = Removes check marks and scratches, removes coarse wire, 1st step of polishing a new blade
Red (600) = Remove finishing stone, 2nd step of polishing a new blade
Gold (1200) = Remove finishing wire, polishing