The Olympic Oval Skate Shop rents hockey and speed skates for use within the Olympic Oval during public skating for $6.75. Available sizes range from child's 6 to adult 12. Skates are distributed on a first come, first served basis. 


Helmets are mandatory. Any approved helmet with a securing strap is acceptable. This includes hockey, bike, and ski/snowboard helmets. A hockey helmet is included in the $6.75 skate rental price. Skaters who have their own skates but do not have their a own helmet can rent a hockey helmet from the Olympic Oval Skate Shop for $2.50. Protect your brain, skate smart!


Skate aids are available to use on site for no charge.


The Olympic Oval Skate Shop also offers long term speed skate rentals to club members. Three options are available with varying rates. One month is $52.50, half a season (September to December or January to March) is $110.00, and a full season (September to March) is $180.00.