Cadomotus Airflow 2.0 Every Day Training Backpack XL

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Compact, comfortable and stylish: the Airflow 2.0 XL is the bag you want to take when you ride your bike to a practice or a race. This classic bag is surprisingly practical and is your best company at any sports event you will attend.

This is a bag with a clear idea. Your clothes, keys, phone, shampoo and towel go inside, your sports gear goes on the outside. This will help you to stay organized during the whole event.

Pockets for miscellaneous items

There are four small pockets on the inside that you can use to store miscellaneous items, like sports bars, transponders, keys and your phone, that otherwise would get lost at the bottom of your bag. You’ll always know where to find them in the Airflow 2.0 XL. The bigger pockets you can use for your clothes and personal care products for example. 

Sports gear on the outside

This 45-liter bag holds more stuff than you think by just looking at it. And that’s only the inside. You can put your sports gear, like your bike and running shoes, in handy pockets on the outside. And, of course, your inline or speed skates fit in there as well. It is a Cadomotus bag after all. All your other gear you can store secure and safe as well. Like your helmet, which you can put in a special mesh pocket at the back of your bag. Keeping sports gear on the outside will keep it separate from your clean clothes and save room on the inside. 

Comfortable on your back

The Airflow 2.0 XL is so comfortable you can even take it for longer bike rides. The bag is super light, and its internal frame keeps the weight off your back. A trampoline suspended mesh back panel distributes pressure, gives a little bit of suspension and creates an airspace between your bag, allowing for ventilation.   

Yes, appearance does matter. The stylish yet solid and professional look of the Airflow 2.0 XL is eye-catching at every race and practice. Athletes already loved its predecessor, the Nylon Airflow, but appreciate the lighter Airflow 2.0, which is made of the weatherproof RPET material, even more.

This bag is the perfect choice if you are looking for a lightweight bag that feels comfortable and stable on your back. Whether you want to take it on your bike or a hike in the mountains on your holiday.


Backpack Colour Black

Compartment Capacity (Ltr) 30

Total Gear Capacity (Ltr) 45

Backpack Weight (kg) 1.3

Pack Dimensions 50x30x18cm

Made From 80% recycled material

Complies to Global Recycle Standard Yes

IP64 Weather Resistant Yes

Outside pockets for Cycling shoes, Speedskates, Running shoes

Helmet pocket Stowable behind zipper

Bottle holders No

Dirt Compartment No

Wet - Dry Separation Yes, ventilated

Backdoor opening No

Large storage compartment No

Laptop pouch Yes, padded

Tool/accessory pockets Yes, in front pocket

Collapsible bottom pocket No

Easy access Yes, at the top of the bag

Combination lock pocket No

Velvet pocket (mobile, sports glasses) No

Pack Suspension Suspended mesh back

Adjustable Torso Length Yes

Stow away hip belt No