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  • $380.00

  • Low weight, easy to transport.

  • Firm stable construction.

  • Affordable pricing.

  • Precise straight clamped blades.

  • Easy mounting.

    • Parts are all cnc machined in Holland.

    • Cnc machined to make it precise and

    • possible to clamp the blades nice and straight.

    • Essential parts are anodised to make it more durable.

    • The EHS jig is constructed to be firm and precise.

    • All parts are cnc machined, materials are removed where posible to reduce  weight.


      When using a jig to sharpen the blades take the neccesairy safety precautions against cutting your hands. We advice you to wear cutresistance safety gloves!

      If you do not wear protection, you may incur cuts.

         Easy Mount

      The Jig is very simple to disasemble and to assemble again.

      It takes about five minutes to do.

      To disassemble use the 4 screw-knobs in the middle to unscrew and take parts apart. To assemble do the opposite way and be aware the screws get into the cut-outs prepared for this. Be aware that you firmly tighten the screwknobs.