Viking Matrix ST Blades

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The Oval shaped Matrix tubes are a new Viking Innovation. Designed for serious competitors with high demands on the performance of their blades. The specific shape entails extra stiffness in the horizontal direction of the tubes. This will bring you a mighty amount of grip while maintaining a great feeling of control. All that without losing the flexibility in the blade, and even under extreme circumstances. Feel the momentum building up throughout the curve, the matrix blades will hold you all the way.  

Pre-bend tubes;
Excellent stability, and no concessions to the feedback they give. Ease in preparation and a great base for excellent pressure transfer.
Extra stiff 7000 series aluminum;
Precision milled tubes of outstanding strength and high resistance to metal fatigue.
Bimetal PM blades;
Exceptional gliding characteristics, optimally maintained sharpness, 66 HRc, 1.1 mm thick
Viking Star cup system;
Strong mounting interface designed for simple and efficient set-up and adjustment. Height options 0 to +10 mm. Angled cups available  

All necessary mounting accessories and torx key included, all of high class quality. Packed in special easy to take casing


Price includes bend and rocker.