Accusplit AX740 Stopwatch

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TheThe AX740 Pro Memory series of Stopwatches in our Exclusive, Professional “X” Case.
• It works on the ACCUSPLIT Exclusive AOS 4.5 Operating system
• Twin Left-Right button operation will let you start, split and reset using the fingers you want. 
• 50 Memory Dual Split (Cumulative/Lap) 
• Memory recall (LIFO-Last in, first out) 
• Recall and take splits during operation
• 1, 2 Fast Finish
• 1-Button Rapid Split and Fail Safe Reset (2 sec) 
• Split Counter (to 99) 
• 10 Hour Timing Range
• Event timing
Product Features
• Cased in ACCUSPLIT’s Exclusive “X” Case, with its distinctive, ergonomic design. The “X” Case is immediately recognizable to anyone involved in elite sports
• Million cycle No Fail Buttons (No beep) 
• 5 Year, DUAL No Proof of & Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty
• Dual Display for easy viewing 
• Water resistant up to 100 feet
• Shock resistant
• Now with 5 year lithium (CR2032) battery 
• Expected battery life of 5 years
• RESOLUTION & ACCURACY LIMIT: The internal Quartz and IC controller LOOKS AT SWITCH CLOSURE every 1/256th of a second, so that nearest 1/100 is captured. 
• ACTUAL ACCURACY: Tested and calibrated to be within 0.04 sec/hour for 12 months. Only shocks and aging of the quartz crystal affect this actual accuracy rating. 
The Accusplit AX740 Pro Memory stopwatch is cased in the exclusive Accusplit 'X' case design with our million-cycle switch buttons. The million-cycle no-fail switches are an Accusplit exclusive and are ergonomically designed for maximum performance and ease of use. They snap instead of beep and have been tested for over a million cycles without failure. 
The AX740 operates on the ACCUSPLIT Operating System (AOS 4.5). Every time the SPLIT button is pressed a new SPLIT time is captured in the LCDisplay and the MEMORY. This Rapid-Split AOS allows the capture of race finishers as rapidly as you can press the SPLIT button. To be sure that there is no operator confusion, the START Button becomes the SPLIT Button and the last SPLIT action becomes the STOP Time. No need to switch buttons during the timing of an event. This Professional AOS Function is still EXCLUSIVE to ACCUSPLIT Memory Stopwatches, and that button becomes the MASTER CONTROL Button. MASTER CONTROL Button AOS then enables us to give you another Professional AOS Feature, TWIN Master Control Buttons. 
The Master Control Button specification from the AOS, allows one button to “Start, Split, Stop.” So, the traditional 2-button design which positions a button under the “trigger finger” (index finger) when properly holding a stopwatch can now have TWIN Master Control Buttons at the top of the X-case. With TWIN Buttons, you can use your left or right index finger for accurate, controlled operation. 
In addition, the Memory Review AOS allows dynamic review of memory splits during an event, and instant return to capturing SPLITS when the Master Control SPLIT Button is pressed. 
The AX740 offers a Dual display and saves the first 50 splits in the recallable memory with a split counter to 99. It is available in Black only. With the CR2032 Lithium battery, it has a 5-year expected battery life. The AX740 is water resistant (up to 30-meters), and is shock resistant. The perfect memory stopwatch for all of your timing needs.