Twin Rocker Short Track Table

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  • $3,500.00

TwinRocker Machine meets the needs of elite speed skaters and is fast becoming a key component in shaping upcoming stars. 
  • Cutting-edge, record-breaking precision tool! Used by most National teams!
  • The most compact, light and stable portable solution on the market.
  • Assembly maintains perfect symmetry while polishing and deburring blades.
  • Perfect perpendicular blade clamping position.
  • Provides utmost accuracy and minimum material loss.
  • Highest degree of fabrication with hard anodic coating treatment for longevity.
  • Build with special blend aluminum that flows the heat away from the blades!
  • Includes:
    • ​Rockering unit with gauge and diamond head
    • Dremel 100 electric tool
    • ST progressive DUO template (ask us for the combo availability)
    • Short track table (Prebent design)