Maple Curvado ST Blades

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Deeper-than-normal tube seating and PM 64HrC steel runner bottoms give Maple Curvado stable skating characteristics that drastically reduce the risk of cracking during starts and crashes. Curvado’s prepared radial curve requires less initial bending, reduced maintenance, enhanced stiffness, and a longer life expectancy.

The blade of Maple’s Curvado is glued 1mm deeper into the tube than most other blades in short track, and because of that the blade has more stable skating characteristics. Furthermore the Curvado blade is standard* delivered with a PM (powder metallurgic) 64HrC steel, attached to the bottom part of the runner, providing the skater all benefits of the PM, but minimizing the risk of cracks in the blade during a start or a crash, what for instance happens quite frequently with full PM blades.

Maple Skate uses a new technology to attach the blades into the tube, ensuring all blades to be of a very high quality. The tube itself is straight, but has a radial curved incision which the runner is glued into, in a special way. Because of the prepared radial curve, the blades need much less initial bending and maintenance than before, providing the blades’ stiffness with a longer expected lifetime. 

For improved user-friendliness the Curvado blade has marking points, divided by an inch over the whole tube, enabling the skater to register its rocker as well as its bending at those marking points. This can conveniently be used to quickly reproduce a good skating blade, for instance after rockering, or preparing a new (or spare) set of blades.

Price includes bend and rocker.