Heartrate Monitor

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ECG CORE is a top tester with extended functions suitable for precise exercise management and analyzing training data. The main qualities are its digital data transfer, large and well arranged backlit display, easy operation, large number of functions including multifunctional stopwatch with lap memory and measuring time of individual heart rate zones. Due to its extended functions and accurate heart rate monitoring you can manage and analyze your exercise. ECG CORE includes a comfortable ergonomic chest belt.

Technical description:

  • Modern design, a lot of functions
  • Digital signal transfer – protection against signal interference (necessary function for exercising in groups)
  • Functions: date, time, alarm
  • Well-arranged backlit display
  • Easy operation via button
  • Heart rate measurement with ECG accuracy
  • Suitable for most sport activities and managing your trainings
  • Fat loss via exercising in desired heart rate zone
  • Suitable for amateurs as well as for professionals
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Before detailed setting watch must be paired with chest belt


  • Calculation of calories burned
  • Keeping heart rate in desired zone
  • 3 preset heart rate zones
  • 1 adjustable heart rate zone
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Signaling reaching/exceeding heart rate zone
  • Measuring time of exercise in the heart rate zone
  • Training data memory – possibility of recalling and analyzing your trainings

Package includes:

  • Watch
  • Chest belt
  • Batteries