Cadomotus Waterflow Backpacks

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Waterproof sports bags don’t get better than this. Everything you expect in a strong and solidly built skate backpack that takes all the gear you can fit inside and keeps it dry. Whether you’re racing on the track or jamming in the rink, this is the driest, most functional skate bag for active skaters on the move, with a color that reflects your skate style. Inline, ice, urban or derby – if you skate, you need this bag. It’s what the cool kids carry.

Like our other world-class sports bags, The Waterflow Skate backpack is extremely durable and ergonomically designed to contour against your back. It’s got a dry place for everything you need with you on the track or in the rink - your wallet, your phone, your wheels, your wrench, your supplements, your electronics, your bearings, your clothes, and your medals! But even if your strongest competition is gravity fighting to grind a rail or the blockers in your way, this is the bag you need to keep your gear where it needs to be – safe at all times.

  • Water resistant material keeps your gear dry and safe
  • Padded anatomical shoulder straps make transport easy
  • Ergonomic construction for ache-free active-use
  • Hygienic ventilation fights bacteria and embarrassing odors
  • Large and functional carrying capacity packs more than any other
  • Twin Zip-Top closure and top-side handle make access simple
  • Helmet pocket secures and protects the integrity of your gear
  • External skate straps & buckles keep your inline or quadskates in place