Stay Bent Gauge

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The new Patent Pending StayBent speed skate blade radius and bend gauge is the best and easiest tool for checking the radius and bend of long track and short track speed skate blades.

The StayBent gauge was developed over two years with extensive testing and feedback from some of the best coaches in the sport. With the goal of making a new blade measurement tool that is easy for new and experienced blade technicians, StayBent looked at the problems the existing tools had and then went back to the drawing board.

The StayBent gauge incorporates the lowest profile frame and dial indicator on the market to help make it easier for technicians to reliably measure the blades runner surfaces without being unstable and "tippy".

To further enhance stability, StayBent incorporated magnets into the gauge frame. Unlike other gauges, the StayBent design allows technicians to reposition the magnets to decrease their strength, and to use stronger or weaker magnets if desired. The magnets are precisely positioned in a way that avoids the problem of causing the blade to deflect when measuring bend, thereby ensuring that reliable and repeatable measurements can be taken. Further, the magnets can be removed if the technician prefers a non-magnetic design as well as for cleaning and maintenance of the gauge.

In another innovative move, StayBent incorporated thermally insulating handles to avoid having the technicians hand temperature increase the gauge frame temperature during extended use. Because different materials expand at different rates, having a stable temperature during the measuring process helps improve the consistency of the measurements taken by highly precise tools like a skate radius gauge.

The shape of the StayBent gauge's frame is such that it can be used with the skates in most sharpening jigs without worrying about contacting the jig's clamps. This is critical for technicians who need to hand rock blades as it eliminates the need to remove the skates from the jig to take measurements at the front and back of the blades.

StayBent only makes tools for speed skating. Why would you trust a jack of all trades to make the tools you rely on for preparing your blades?


  • Ultra low profile design with low center of gravity

  • Non-thermally conductive handles

  • Hard anodized main body for long term durability

  • Removable and adjustable magnets

  • Very light weight (255 grams with flat dial indicator back)

  • Includes blade zeroing bar and instructions for use