Maple SL 800 LT Boot

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The MST-800 features a 50/50 mix of Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass to increase strength while reducing weight as well as offering a wider more anatomical boot in addition preformed heel-cup and tendon area. All of this combines to give you a boot that will become one with your foot. It is constructed out of carbon fibre and fibreglass making it strong and light weight and it features a microfibre lining that provides comfort while holding your foot in place. This boot also features Maple's Hot Water Molding Technology, a revolutionary way to mold you boots that uses hot water to uniformly heat the boot giving you a better fit than ever.


- Carbon Fiber and fiberglass Construction
- Heat moldable ankle and heel areas
- Microfiber Lining
- Dual Velcro Straps
- Maple's thermal Molding Technology